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Resolving The Underlying Root Cause Of Disease

Upon careful observation of the iceberg analogy shown above. A symptom (iceberg tip above the water) is a message that there is something wrong. The underlying disease process (iceberg hidden under the surface) is the root cause of disease.

A symptom and a disease are not the same thing. For example the symptom “infertility” can occur when a disease pattern causes a breakdown in body function, where the body is struggling to be able to conceive and carry to full term. The root cause of the health concern is the disease pattern that underlies the symptom.

Common disease patterns include: external, internal, cold, heat, deficiency, and excess.

A disease pattern is called external if physical, chemical, environmental trauma; wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, fire, dryness, a pathogen have been contracted from an external source.


It can be called internal if the interior of the body system has been harmed by prolonged emotional imbalance of either; shock, joy, worry, pensiveness, sadness, grief, anxiety, fear, anger, exhaustion, and greed. Internal imbalance also results from chemical stress and malnutrition via toxic food and drink.


Cold is a yin syndrome that manifests as either internal cold or external cold. In most cases, cold indicates deficiency.


Heat is a yang syndrome that manifests as either internal heat or external heat. In most cases, heat indicates excess.


Deficiency means that the patient does not have enough Righteous Qi (zheng qi), and in most cases where the disease pattern goes from the inside out there is deficiency.


Excess means that there is an overabundance of noxious Qi, and in most cases where the disease goes from outside in there is excess.


Treating the symptom “infertility” without addressing and resolving the underlying root cause disease pattern can continue to degenerate the body, causing additional problems.


Through pulse, tongue, palm and body diagnosis; the unseen disease process can be observed and comprehended. The disease process is changeable with acupuncture, cupping, nutritional, herbal, lifestyle intervention; stimulating and reinforcing the body’s own innate self healing, restoring balanced nerve supply, systemic circulation, muscle relaxation, joint mobility, organ and body function.


Symptoms do not exist when optimal body functioning occurs.


Eliminate unnecessary tension and pain. Restore full joint mobility range of motion and overall strength. Dr. Thomas Nerbas offers a comprehensive complimentary 60 minute initial acupuncture assessment for new patients in order to determine the root cause of discomfort along with wellness solutions restoring body function. Enjoy the convenience of scheduling appointments online in real-time, 24/7 at

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