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Do you experience immediate results after acupuncture needle insertion?

Classical Chinese acupuncture can yield strong and immediate results!


Dr. Thomas Nerbas employs the classical way to diagnose and treat patients using acupuncture, which typically achieves immediate results.

Do you experience immediate results after acupuncture needle insertion?


Classical Chinese acupuncture texts describe the effectiveness of an acupuncture treatment with the phrase: "Li Gan Jian Ying" which translates as: "stand the pole, and see the shadow." When you stand a pole under the sun, you will immediately see its shadow. Dr. Thomas Nerbas emphasizes that likewise, classical acupuncturists will see immediate results after the insertion of their correctly placed acupuncture needles. Dr. Thomas Nerbas is known in the acupuncture community as the practitioner who gets "instant results".

What makes Guiding Needle Acupuncture methods unique? Dr. Thomas Nerbas specializes in classical channel theory as well as a hologram system of imaging and mirroring acupuncture techniques, offering the added benefits of:

1. No need to disrobe.

2. Less time needed to prepare for the treatment.

3. Effective, sustainable pain relief immediately following needle insertion.

4. Acupuncture treatments typically result in 50+% pain elimination in 30 seconds after correct needle insertion.

5. Treatments are preventative, functional medicine (to avert the danger that’s not yet come).

6. Offering repeatable results, and joint mobility during treatments because pain is not treated at local traumatized, injured, or painful areas. All needles are placed at distal points for powerful treatments that won't aggravate pain.


7. On average, clinical efficacy results in an 80-90+% pain elimination success rate.

8. Frequent treatments yield the best results and allow patients to recover much faster via stabilization care (pain does not return) which is beyond relief care (pain goes away).


9. Effective treatments are simple, quick and powerful.

Experience a holistic integrative medical approach to feeling better. Your body produces millions of healing substances and knows exactly how to use them. Acupuncture is the most advanced technique for modulating the nervous system which controls and coordinates every function of the body; directing your own innate healing and transformation.

Strengthen your wellness with the aid of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine services with Thomas; begin by scheduling a comprehensive initial acupuncture assessment/treatment online in real-time, 24/7 at

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