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Resolve Aggressive Energy (AE)

Aggressive energy (AE) is a condition that occurs when the vital energy of one or more organs or functions is polluted and becomes a destructive, attacking force when energetic and functional imbalance occurs. For example: when a pathologically overcontrolling "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system response becomes dominant, it suppresses the parasympathetic nervous system "rest and digest” function, preventing the digestion of food, if this situation is unresolved, prolonged and ongoing; excess leads to deficiency.

AE can be generated internally after experiencing: 1) Relentless or overwhelming physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual stressors beyond what a person can manage. 2) Ceaseless illness that aggravate a person relentlessly, overwhelming an organ or function.

AE can be contracted externally after experiencing: 1) Exposure to prolonged toxicity including, but not limited to prescription drugs, recreational drugs, and severe environmental toxicity of air, food and water. 2) Exposure to external pathogens in the environment such as cold, wind, heat, dryness, damp. 3) Exposure to situations and places of trauma or in interactions with another person who has AE. 4) Combinations of the above.

AE is a pernicious influence that can be generated internally by the mind projecting the source of its pain outward rather than resolving the inner issues on which suffering is based, causing emotions to stagnate with internal friction and heat, with the result that they fulminate and become toxic. Pathological emotional states often result with a deviant type of behaviour such as addiction. In every instance, addictions are compensatory behaviors that dysfunctionally enable a person to avoid cultivating virtue and avoid taking responsibility for one's own suffering. Clearing AE can help release the force out of the addictive behavior long enough to catch a glimpse of what life is like without it.

Patients who test positive for AE are given acupuncture treatment to drain the presence of AE through superficial needling on the back. After successfully clearing AE, a person’s entire system can finally allow him or her to relax, the true self may shine through as if the clouds have cleared and the sun that has always been present, is now unobscured and illuminating.

Thomas encourages proactive medicine wellness care. Need a check up? How is the quality and quantity of your sleep? What is the quantity and quality of your energy throughout the day? Do you experience muscle tension or pain anywhere in your body? Do you feel emotionally balanced? Are you managing stress well? Are you enjoying regular comprehensive wellness care?

Thomas is offering first time patients a free of charge 60 minute comprehensive acupuncture assessment. Conveniently schedule your acupuncture assessment online today!

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