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The Pattern Of Truth; Resolving Our Shadow Side

Below is a model of the Esoteric Acupuncture Pattern of Truth. This pattern is needled, retained and then removed in a specific sequence to assist each participant in completely comprehending the purpose and reasons why we are incarnated here on earth and to set into motion the frequencies needed for facing the Truth about ourselves.

We can meditate, eat healthy foods, exercise, and do healing work on ourselves and others thinking everything is complete. Many of us never deal with our dark side or our shadow side and mistakenly feel we are far superior, advanced and progressed. Our shadow side is the opposite energy field of what we prefer to project or manifest to the conscious third dimensional plane. As Tao contains yin and yang aspects, we all have a shadow side to resolve, even though we may not like to recognize and deal with this particular aspect of ourselves. Eventually we hit an energetic wall or force field called the "Ring Pass Not" which prevents us from progressing onwards until we resolve all of our issues within all aspects of consciousness, which includes our shadow side. Accessing the "Ring Pass Not" can be viewed as the frequency of synchronicity of our moral and ethical inventory for all thoughts, words, deeds and non-deeds. The only way to transcend the ring pass not is to resolve all conflicts, moral and ethical inventory for all actions, non-actions, thoughts, words, deeds, unconquered personality characteristics, and shadow side in a Truthful positive accountability manner.

By needling this Pattern of Truth sequence, we access the higher frequencies of accountability, responsibility which causes us to acknowledge and integrate all of our issues, assisting us in our Inner growth and development. Following the opening and activation of Truth energies, we will no longer be able to act out unconscious behaviors that are harmful to ourselves, to others, to the environment and all that is. Where we place our thoughts, our Qi (energy) follows. The energy encodings installed through the Pattern of Truth integrate being truthful to all.  

In Esoteric Acupuncture Gateway to Expanded Healing Volume 1, Mikio Sankey writes:

The Pattern of Truth is especially beneficial to those people who are somewhat hardheaded and don't seem to learn their lessons very well. These are the same people who allow themselves to be placed in similar situations, or similar games, where they consistently make the same mistakes over and over again. A common type is the person who always picks a certain personality type with whom to fall in love. That person is consistently "dumped" by that same personality type, or constantly heartbroken, because the same patterns occur over and over again. The "victim" has not learned the lessons and therefore must repeat them. That person has not recognized the need to go inward, or is not able to go inward and face the shadow side. It is very difficult to resolve these issues and move forward in a positive manner, without being truthful to ourselves. The energies installed by the needling sequence of the Pattern of Truth will set in motion the correct vibrations needed to begin eroding the frequencies of delusion, mistrust, and friction (1).

Mikio Sankey discusses how the Pattern of Truth also removes negativity and allows expansion in Esoteric Acupuncture Gateway to Expanded Healing Volume 1:

The frequency of Truth vibrates in a manner that will not attract negative energy to its vibrational field. Any negative energy that happens into this vibrational field cannot remain negative for long in this space. The frequency of Truth and being truthful are energies of expansion. Expansion opens up the vibratory rate which forces us to be responsible for all of our actions. This in turn will lead to a higher understanding of ourselves and a desire to embrace self-love, self-worth, integrity, and the need to share and help others. Part of this journey of expansion includes recognizing and dealing with our shadow. The Pattern of Truth will initiate the process of expanding our awareness to understand why someone, or something, is irritating and to pull away all of the veils so we are forced to deal with these issues (2).

Most systems of medicine focus and emphasize treating the dense physical body with some attention on the emotional and mental planes of consciousness. Esoteric acupuncture emphasizes the Wellness stage and the spiritual centre of the Being rather than treating the disease stages. Esoteric acupuncture replaces the old paradigm of waiting for an imbalance to occur before taking action.

Your facilitator of esoteric acupuncture: Thomas Nerbas R.Ac


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