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  • Thomas Nerbas

Typically Experience Improvement After Only One Or Two Treatments

A large percentage of North America experiences pain, fatigue, excessive stress, toxic environmental conditions, nutrient deficient, chronic related lifestyle preventable diseases; Tung style acupuncture is perfectly situated to heal and prevent these pathologies. Most of the common issues Dr. Thomas Nerbas observes are long term duration chronic issues that are insidious in nature. Since 2009 Thomas has been employing the needling techniques of Master Tung Ching-Chang which are perfectly adapted for these types of diseases.

The Tung family system of acupuncture composes 740 acupuncture points. Some of these points lie on or are the same acupuncture points mandated by the People's Republic of China consisting of 365 common acupuncture points and hundreds of others have been “discovered” by the Tung family thus making this style very unique and effective. Master Tung discovered that “chronic illness” gave rise to Bi Zheng (rheumatism/pain/systemic chronic disease). Master Tung treated “chronic illness’s” not with just one needle here or there, but organized his family points into groups of 2 or more needles in close proximity to each other along the channel/vessel. Master Tung concluded that just one needle on a channel was not enough to clear chronic or systemic illness’s.

Thomas is grateful for the opportunity to successfully employ advanced Tung's style acupuncture for hundreds of patient visits annually, cultivating clinical efficacy and insight to better serve his patients. Thank you for choosing Dr. Thomas Nerbas as your acupuncture provider; consciously assisting and promoting your total body wellness.

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